L20n by example

2. Working With Text: Multiline, Quote Delimited Strings

L20n entities mostly store string values. A string is a sequence of characters that you can assign to an entity, store, and retrieve.

By default, a string begins after a code character like = and ends with the end of line.

You can also define easy-to-read, multiline strings with a pipe operator, as can be seen in the description entity.

In almost all cases, leading and trailing spaces are not meaningful and will be ignored allowing you to align the string id and values in a resource file for better readability.

In a rare cases where leading and/or trailing spaces are meaningful, L20n allows for special quote delimited strings as can be seen in the moreInfo entity.

about = About Our Software description = | Loki is a simple micro-blogging | app written entirely in <i>HTML5</i>. | It uses L20n to implement localization. moreInfo = " Read more about us! "